When was the last time you reflected on you? On your past? The family? And the abuse? 


My name is Ilene. In my lifetime, I experienced the consequences of three generations of domestic abuse. I have seen and experienced how (unconsciously) the effects of the abuse and the coping strategies impact the lives of our children and grandchildren. As a result, I devoted many years, from the time I graduated from high school, trying to break the chain of intergenerational abuse in my life and in the lives of others.


What I know is that the lessons I learned in my lifetime, and the lessons you learned, are valuable.  For yourself, your partner, your children, grandchildren. And perhaps others. 


My mission is to help stop intergenerational domestic violence and provide healing for victims and abusers. How?


By doing what I do best: combining my personal experience with my skills as a professional writer and journalist to teach a type of personal narrative writing that allows you to look back at incidents and develop more self-awareness. It´s through this self-awareness that we can adjust our behavior and pass the insights and lessons on to future generations to positively influence their behavior.


I guide you through the writing and reflection process via group sessions and individual coaching. In some sessions trusted experts in writing and family relationships will join. The process is our focus but the final text may become a memoir or book. Private or published. That’s entirely up to you.


Yourstorytostopabuse is the start of a nonprofit initiative to increase self-awareness of domestic abuse and the way it affects future generations. Together we can stop the negative impact and boomerang effect of generational domestic abuse.


Below you can find more information about the course and how to sign up or get in touch with me. It would mean a lot to me it if you can also share this initiative within your own network. I may benefit someone else too. Thank you!

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Right out of high school I volunteered to work with incarcerated girls as President of The Mile High Sisters Club under the auspices of the Denver Colorado Juvenile Court.  The program was credited with sharply reducing repeat offenses. 


I also worked with high-risk young women in the employ of The Chicago Playboy Club.


Before moving to Panama, I even became a certified Domestic Violence Victim Advocate working with the Auburn Police Department in Auburn, Washington.    


I have spent years writing the true stories of people I interviewed for my newspaper columns in the U.S. and Panama and as a freelance journalist on assignment for the Seattle Times and National Geographic. 


Currently I am a writing coach and the author of two books spanning several genres including Journalistic Writing, True Crime, Family Sagas, Coming of Age, Domestic Violence, Biological Fiction, and Literary Fiction.


“Writing is more than just a method to tell stories. With a circle of support, it's a way to break the chain of abuse, to find healing, and to help others heal.”


- Author: Edie “Ilene” Little

A Woman Writing at Home


Learning is best delivered in a circle of support where the interaction is upbeat and relevant. 


In bi-monthly private, online classes, a 30-minute topic presentation is followed by 20 minutes of group interaction as they participate in an online exercise.  Each 90-minute session ends with a 20-30 min “hot seat” segment where members can ask impromptu questions and get feedback from other members as well as the class presenter. 


Expect it to be a positive learning experience.  The support and insights from peers are an integral part of making this guided learning group transformative.


Most importantly, expect the class discussion to be relevant to the challenges you’re facing right now. 


Topic presentations will be announced a week prior to class.  Members are encouraged to submit questions in advance, ensuring questions will be addressed live during the class.


For whom


To begin with, I am forming a Guided Learning Group (GLG) of at least 10 women, with a maximum of twenty, ages 50-75, to participate in the training coached by experts in writing and family relationships. The groups will provide a safe space for discussion.   


The group size is limited to create and maintain the group dynamic at the optimal, most creative level.


Following this initial pilot group, I plan on working with other GLG groups that can include various demographics.



We start in February 2022 when we have at least 10 participants.

As soon as you sign up to join the group, I will coach you individually until we reach the minimum of 10 participants to start the group.



Two 90-minute group zoom calls per month with content and hot seat coaching. The course runs for 12 months.




Online, Central Eastern Standard Time (you can participate from anywhere in the world as long as you can make it during the hours of the sessions)



200 USD / month / 12 months (incl. VAT) or a one-time fee savings of 10% (incl. VAT) for the annual payment.

Yourstorytostopabuse.org is a nonprofit initiative. This fee allows us to cover the basic expenses and wages of everyone involved while keeping group sizes at an optimum and ensuring quality guidance and personal attention. 


I hope that over time we can also offer financial assistance / reduced rates to remove any financial barriers and enable anyone who needs this to participate.


If you would like to make a donation, or know of nonprofit groups with whom I can partner to provide this financial assistance to potential participants, then please email me at Little@yourstorytostopabuse.org


How to participate


Just send me an email and we schedule an intake interview.





You can always reach me via little@yourstorytostopabuse.org or via WhatsApp on +507-6046-8005.

I can´t always answer messages when I am on the ocean, but I will get back to you as soon as possible.